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Hello! How are you beauties? I’ve been having a great week so far! How’s yours going? Today I’m back with some travelling tips and advice! I’m very excited to discuss road trips because we’re looking into planning our first this summer! So, I thought some of you might be interested in hearing more about this and my train of thoughts whilst planning it! πŸ€—

First of all, I’ll decide on where to go. I know we’ll be going to Portugal and our starting point is Porto. I’d like to go North and South. The cities exactly, I haven’t though about yet, but if you’re looking into going somewhere and you prefer planning it a little, definitely make sure where you want to go and visit beforehand. Of course things happen and plans change, but I feel more relaxed if I have somewhat of a plan in advance.

Actually, most important than knowing where you’re going is for how long you’ll be travelling. We have approximately 3 weeks. This way, we’ll know how long we can spend in each place. How long it will takes us to travel to another place and prioritize what we really want to see/visit with the time we have. It is important to plan these things in advance so you can calculate how much money you’ll spend in fuel. You can do a lot of walking in a city/place but you’ll always end up driving to a new city, so by planning beforehand, you’ll know how much money you’ll have to put aside, or even realise you can’t afford to go for so long or to that many places. Planning is key. πŸ”‘


Β Once you’ve settled where you’re going, or what places you’d like to visit, you can think about where to sleep. I don’t know what we’ll do but I’m sure we won’t stay in hotels. That would just make our budget skyrocket and we don’t need that. We want to travel in Portugal because it’s my home country and L hasn’t been to many, many cities (and neither have I) and we don’t need hotels. I’m considering Airbnb (as always) and camping. I think these are the best options – for us anyway. And with this aside, you can think about food.
Once again, this can add up pretty quickly to a reasonable budget, so make sure you have plan B and C, just in case. I think that for us, it’ll be easy to grab something at a supermarket and cook ourselves if we’re staying in an Airbnb or eat where the locals do because obviously it’ll be a lot cheaper. It is true that it helps tremendously that I’m Portuguese and that I’ll know where to go. Meaning that I can easily ask anyone where to eat cheap. If you’re considering road-tripping somewhere, one advice would be to choose somewhere that is at least 50% cheaper than where you live. It will give you a big advantage when planning, and comfort.
Now, the car. We’ll have to rent. We don’t have our car in Portugal, obviously so we’ll rent. I know this is a big add up to our budget but there’s no other way around it. So, this obviously will be the first thing we’ll consider and then everything else. If you have a car or your own car, perfect. It’ll definitely help! Don’t forget to take with you any important documents you might need. This applies to any holiday though, so I hope no one would forget about their ID, for example!
Playlists! For when in the car. Or books. (If you’re not driving!) I don’t mind reading in cars, so I know I’ll be for sure reading whilst travelling from one city to another. Good music is also important, especially if travelling at night, so maybe prepare a playlist before you hit the road!
Lastly, only plan how much you really have to. Even I think it’s a cool idea to just let things go and see what this trip might bring us. Yes, the budget is important, the time you’re free is important too, but let the rest flow. I think the best part of a roadtrip is that you don’t need to worry too much and you can just relax. (I’m hoping this will be my attitude anyway!) πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Have you ever gone on a roadtrip? If so, where? And for how long? I’d love to hear your tips on roadtrips!

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  1. The best thing is to take some unexpected stops on the way! Like once when we were road tripping in Ireland and accidentally booked a hostel in a completely different town than planned – 200 kms to wrong direction, but we had no strict schedule so we just went – and it ended up being one of the funniest hostels and experiences we had! I guess camping is a great way to add some room foe surprises too 😊😊

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