Too Good To Go – App Review

Hi! How are you doing? I feel like the sun wants to finally come back to us and enrich our dull days! I cannot deal with the weather right now. It’s sunny and rainy and sunny and stormy and cloudy and sunny again. It’s freaking May. The sun should be coming out every single damn day! Argh… sorry to start this amazing post with a bit of a rant but we’re flying off to Poland next week and I really want it to be warm and sunny there!

Anyway, let’s talk about this amazing app ‘Too Good To Go”! I need to share this with you all because L and I have been in love for two or three weeks. With the app. Not with each other. *face palm*


As the name suggests, this app contributes to the fight of food waste, which in the majority of the time, is, in fact, too good to go. To throw away basically. I hate food waste and it kills me every time I have to dispose of something just because I forgot about it in the fridge for a week or so. So this app helps cafés and pubs and some restaurants to sell their food (food that would go in the trash otherwise) at the end of the day. The food is edible obviously. But they’d just throw it away because they cannot serve old food the next day, so here comes the app. You can buy it for a LOT CHEAPER and pick it up at the end of the day (depending on the place, but usually around 7pm). Isn’t this amazing?? As you can see from the photo I shared, we got 2 big-ass sandwiches and a quiche EACH for only 4€ (each)! It truly is a win/win for everyone! Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!



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