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Hi, everyone! Welcome to a fresh, new week here on A Reading Cat! I told you I’d be back for a month full of posts and happiness! I hope this week brings you anything you wish for and that the weather is perfect!

Today I’d like to talk about being patient. Being patient is something that not all of us know how to be or achieve. I, for one, have never been the best at being patient, especially not when you’re really looking forward to doing something. I always struggled with this growing up. I always desired to grab my future, to skip a few years, to be in college or get married or have children. I just wished for all these things to come fast, even when I was just 10 or 13. Now I see things differently, and I can honestly say I don’t think this was the healthiest way to live life.


You need to learn that waiting for results, for something you really want is part of life, part of the game. I’ve also realised and continue to realise, every day, that the things I really want in my life, things I’ve been dreaming about for a long time or even a shorter period of time, they do happen. But they take their time. And sometimes it’s not even about hard-work or perseverance as many say. It’s just about the right timing for them to happen in your life. So, yes, learn how to be patient. Learn how to wait for things that you will achieve I dare say, later rather than earlier.


I had these thoughts come to me when after half a year, I saw our orchid emerge to life again. It had lost all its flowers last summer when we moved across the country and I just thought we should throw it away but L told me not to. That he would take care of it, cut it properly so it could grow back again. And now, it actually did! It was a simple but powerful message to me. Patience… things will come your way. It might take some encouragement from others or even not thinking about it for some time and then, there they are: growing, emerging and showing you all their beautiful colours. If I can tell you something today, let it be this. This story that in its simplicity taught me a great deal. Being patient is worth your time.











Photo by Chris Coe on Unsplash

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