Living with Type 1 Diabetes – update

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a good day and a great start to this new week. Today I’d like to share with you a little more about how I feel/have been feeling living with T1D. I hope you get to know me and this disease a little more from my words and if you have or know someone who has T1, maybe this can even be helpful!


So, first things first, I was diagnosed 11 months ago. (Almost anyways!) It hasn’t been an easy ride. Not at all. But I’ve been adapting quite well and have been facing this as a change in my life: neither good nor bad, just a change. This is my attitude towards the disease 98% of the time. Yes, I have sad days and stressful days and days where I cry lots and wish this hadn’t become part of my life. But just like everyone’s glycaemia values, life’s full of ups and downs and we just have to look at both, possibly analyse them and continue on our journey.

My values have been very, very good since I left the hospital and everything seems to be very well controlled up to this point. It might change in a couple of years, but at the moment, everything is good. I told you I got the Freestyle Libre and that was definitely an improvement on how I handle this. It helps heaps! I still only need insulin 3 times a day, say, 2 even. The slow acting one, of course. And the fast acting at lunch and dinner. I’ve been reducing the dosage every since I left the hospital and have been on the same units for the last 4 months or so. So, overall, it’s going well and life hasn’t become incredibly hard, even if it has changed a lot.


I started working out too. That has been fun and scary. And challenging. I have lots of lows when I’m at the gym and have to cut my workouts short to re-sugar my body. The Freestyle, once again, has been amazing to be able to workout in a safer way. I really depend on it throughout my workouts and always make sure I check my values before, many times during and after. It’s definitely a challenge but I won’t let diabetes be my life. I’ll still do what I want and live happily and freely (somewhat).

So, yes, it is doable. I’m still here, living. Enjoying life, differently, certainly, but still enjoying. I have times to eat and even wake up and can’t go anywhere without some sugar, but living with diabetes is just that. Living with diabetes. It isn’t my full life and it won’t be. I still love reading, the sun, teaching, I still have awful allergies, and dreams and goals and I’m just living this life as many others do… trying to figure things out one step at a time.


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