Artistic Licence by Katie Fford πŸ“–

Hi, friends! I have another book review for you today. This one is about the book Artistic Licence by Katie Fford. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever read any book of Katie’s and what you thought about it!

Let’s look at the summary from Goodreads:

“Single, thirty-something Thea traded her promising career as a photographer for the quiet countryside of the English Cotswalds. But when she meets a promising, sexy Irish painter while vacationing in Provence, her creative spirit is unexpectedly reawakened.

Impressed by Rory’s charm, but even more taken by his talent, Thea is determined to showcase his paintings for the art world. Resisting his sex appeal, convincing him to forgo the London art scene, and transforming an abandoned building into a cutting-edge gallery in the less-than-hip countryside all give Thea more of a challenge than she bargained for.

Add to the mix a group of old friends, some reluctant teens, a passel of puppies, and a new romantic prospect or two, and Katie Fforde’s latest novel delivers art, friendship, love, sex, and delicious new beginnings.”


The book starts off with showing us a little about Thea’s life, the reason behind her leaving a promising career as a photographer and why she now runs a boarding house with messy students. The beginning was, honestly, really confusing. I did not like the style of writing nor the characters. It didn’t give me any hopes and I really thought I would not finish the book. However, I pushed myself and read a few dozens of pages and even though the writing didn’t change much and the story-line wasn’t the best, I stick with it until the very end.


MY summary without any spoilers:

Thea leaves her mess of a house and goes to beautiful France with her very annoying friend Molly. Why are they even friends, I do not understand one bit. Thea meets Rory and finds out he’s a painter. They have a friendly afternoon together and Rory proposes that Thea should visit him once her trip to France is over. Because she’s lost her happiness when leaving the photography world, and because she cannot stand her students, she makes the rash decision of flying to Ireland (where Rory lives) and meet him. She finds his paintings stunning and wants to help him become famous. Because Molly is the most influential person she knows, she calls her asking for help and ends up having 4 people at Rory’s door one evening, when they all decide to just show up uninvited. Ben, a man Thea had met in her house, Molly’s cousin, is there too. They develop a sort of friendship that obviously will be more. When they all go back to England, Thea is set on opening her own art gallery to showcase Rory’s work. Because this is chick-lit, a lot happens between Rory and Thea, and Ben and Thea, and the possible-art-gallery and Thea. It goes round and round until a sort of happy ending concludes the story.


This book definitely has things that made me happy to read and finish it. I don’t love many things too, though. How Thea is quick to make big life decisions and how there’s a lot of insta-love. We don’t see how deep the characters go and I felt that it lacked some information on the secondary characters. I liked Thea enough. She tried to be independent, she was set on her idea and made it happen and she was witty enough. But no, this will not be a story I’ll remember for all eternity. It was a nice, easy and simple read for a couple of days and that’s it. It didn’t change my life. Therefore, I’ll give it:


I hope this interested some of you. I hope I didn’t say too much, if you’re interested in reading it yourself. And if I’ve discouraged you in any way, don’t let my opinion decide what you should or should not be reading right now. Books are beautiful because they impact different people in different ways. This might not have been my book but it might be yours! Give it a go nonetheless! See you soon, catreaders!


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