Travel Wednesday: In-flight Essentials πŸ›«

Hi! How are you doing today? 2 more days til the weekend! And because today’s a Travel Wednesday and I like to feel happier on Wednesdays, I want to share with you my in-flight essentials: the updated version. πŸ›«

I try to not carry much with me because I know I’ll exhaust myself, especially because it’s easy to carry around 10kgs just on my handbag. Nowadays, I try to limit the amount of things I allow myself to shove inside my bag. So, true essentials: my insulin pens, scanner, needles, anything diabetes-related to measure and control my glycaemia. I also always have sweets and sugar with me. If I’m flying during lunch or dinner time, I need to bring my own food. I freak out just thinking I won’t know how many carbs I’m eating and don’t want to have a low mid-flight.


A book. A notebook or my bullet journal. Pens. Tissues (many tissues!). A chapstick (my favourite one is the Burt’s Bees lip balm!). I don’t really need earphones nor offline games on my phone to keep myself entertained. I used to do that and watch YouTube videos I’d download beforehand but I don’t feel the need for those any more. A book and a notebook is truly all I need. I can be entertained for 2 hours with just a notebook and lots of planning. So, what about you? Do you travel often and if you do, what things keep you entertained when flying? Let me know!















Post photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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