2018 Goals – what I’ve accomplished so far

Hi, everyone! Welcome back! This is an exciting post! My goals for 2018 and what I’ve actually accomplished so far! First things first, my goals for 2018 are the following:


And from this beautiful long list, I’ve now (being half of 2018 already) accomplished the following:

1. Study calligraphy! Done! I’m not great at it, but I’ve studied it and learn quite a bit so far.

2. Furnish our apartment! Not done, but it’s almost as I want it to be!

3. Save $ every month! Yep, I’ve been very successful at this in 2018. I feel very proud of myself 😎

4. Take care of my body/health: more than check and will continue to do so throughout the year ☺️

5. Plan a nice summer holiday – done! I’ll talk about it very soon but August, I’m coming for you! 😜

In progress:

6. 24 books… 14 read so far! I’m sure I’ll end up reading even more, so yay me! 📚

7. NYEve with my besties! All planned – tickets are still not bought! But will very soon be! 👍


What about your goals for this year? Have you accomplished many so far? Let me know!

Post photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash


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