Travelling on a tight budget

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Travel Wednesday! Today I’m discussing an important topic for me, and hopefully, since you’re reading this, for you too! Travelling on a budget. Ever since my passion for travelling began, I haven’t had the means to spend a huge amount of money on luxurious hotels or other privileges that some of you might. So, I’ve adapted. I wanted to travel, I needed to travel, and I did what I could with whatever money I had.

I always look for the cheapest places to stay at. But also convenient places. Usually, these are AirBnbs. It just really works for us. I need to get breakfast at the same time every day and I don’t eat much. Well, I eat 2 slices of toast and a cup of coffee. I wouldn’t want to pay for a breakfast at a hotel and not enjoy it to the fullest (because I could not), therefore AirBnbs are the best. Moreover, they can be pretty cheap. Yeah, you need to do a little digging sometimes and it might not be right in the city centre, but honestly, to me, that does not matter much – if the city has good public transports, anyway. I always take into consideration how long it’ll take us to go into the centre and how much the tickets cost. Always try to get a general perspective of every penny you’ll be spending!


I always do a cheaper lunch, whether that involves getting something from a supermarket or a fast food chain and dinner in a nicer place. I also never really pay for extras. There are so many free walking tours nowadays and the Internet is your best friend, so just look up anywhere you might want to go or the best free places to visit. This is what I do anyway. The bottom line is we all prefer different things so even if for me saving on food is the best option, for you it might be the opposite. Just find a balance between what you’ll have to spend money on and what you could give up on. Do you have any tips for fellow readers? Share in the comments below!

Post photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash


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