Kindle πŸ“± vs. Paperbacks πŸ”–

Hi, everyone! Long time no see. I’ve been a little off the internet for the last couple of months because we went on holiday in August and previous to that, I was swamped with work. I thought I’d get this school year started by discussing kindles and books! I’ve recently acquired a kindle and I’ve been in love since! I promise you it’s amazing! Maybe I’ll do a dedicated video to my kindle another day but today let’s see the good and the bad about kindles and books!


Kindles πŸ“±

The good:

#1. The absolute no. 1 thing for me about the Kindle was that I could take it with me on holiday. Believe it or not, I’ve been very into the idea of reaching my goal of reading 24 books this year. Well, let’s just say that thanks to my kindle, I’ve now finished 32 books! It was definitely because I just take it everywhere with me. I gotΒ it in July when I still was working and I read 10 books. It was too easy. It’s so lightweight and small that I can easily fit it in my smallest bag and that helped me read a lot more.Β 

#2. E-books are a LOT cheaper! I actually just try to find free e-books. When that doesn’t work, I pay 0.99€. Ok, I sometimes pay more but only if it’s a book I REALLY want to read! I thought I would just buy paperbacks if I really wanted them, but I just couldn’t wait for some of them. When you have a Kindle, you have a book ready to be read in a matter of seconds!

#3. I love everything you get to do with a Kindle. You can adjust the text size, you can change the font, the luminosity (obvs) AND you can see how much of a book you have left to read. I like to have mine on how many minutes I have left per chapter. It stresses me out a little to have how long it takes me to finish an entire book, but I like knowing how long I’ll have left to finish a chapter. This way, when I should be going to bed, I know if I can be a little naughty and postpone sleeping for 20 more minutes or 10, or whatever it tells me I have left.

#4: Obviously, it’s great for the environment! There’s not much more I can say about that.

The bad:

#1: It doesn’t smell like a real book.

#2: You’ll have to charge it eventually. The battery lasts me pretty well but obviously, you’ll need to charge it at some point.

#3: I don’t like not being able to see the covers in colour. I hate not being able to touch them…


Books πŸ”–

The good:

#1. Books are books! You can smell them, touch them, see their beautiful covers, put them in your bookshelf! Books are amazing and you’ll be happy just by looking at your collection!

#2.Β You can share books! You can borrow them or you can loan them. They make great bonds between friends and people started whole book clubs because of books!

The bad:

#1: You can’t just take 5 books on a holiday. I mean, technically you can, but it’s a lot less practical. I tend to fly low-cost and I’m not going to use up some of the weight just with books I want to read. Kindle was the perfect solution to this problem. Besides, if I’m not feeling a particular book, I can easily choose another one.

#2: It can be expensive. You can find many books deals online and get cheap ones too, especially if you buy second-hand. However, it easily adds up. I tend to spend 8€ per book; if I would always read 10 books per month, that’s a whooping 80€. With my Kindle, I would spend around 10€. And now I subscribed to the Kindle membership so I pay 9,99€ per month and get unlimited books.


I don’t know if I prefer one to the other. I honestly love both my kindle and paperbacks. I don’t think I could EVER choose. I do see the good and the bad in each of these options but what I love the most is the fact that everyone has the ability of choosing what they love most and feel more confident doing. If having a Kindle will make people read more, that’s for the best!

What do you prefer? Kindles or paperbacks? Let me know down in the comments!












Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Kindle πŸ“± vs. Paperbacks πŸ”–

  1. I Catarina!
    Remember me?
    All those lifts to Campo Alegre,to your faculdade de letras…
    Good times,no?
    About your publication,let me tell you that to read a book in paper is better than on a ebook.
    You got to feel your fingers slowly running thru the paper…just saying…

    1. haha! concordo! Mas agora tambem sou fa do Kindle πŸ™‚ nao deixaria de lado os meus livros, mas o Kindle tem sido uma grande ajuda! πŸ™‚

  2. The kindle is very useful, but you just cannot beat a real book. The smell of a brand new book….. woah. I wonder if anyones made a perfume that smells like a new book? Hehe. But no seriously, I totally agree with all of the points you’ve brought out, thanks sooooo much for sharing. xx πŸ™‚

    1. I completely understand your point! I was actually very surprised to find out I enjoyed the kindle so much! ☺️thanks for stopping by! xx

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