Travelling for a month? ➡️ Packing Essentials 🛫

Hi! If you’re thinking of travelling soon, if you’re travelling for a long period of time, and if you don’t know how to pack (because you’re only allowed 10kg), you came to the right place!

This summer I travelled for a month with only one 30L backpack and these are my packing essentials!


**Summer first**

👕 2 T-shirts, if you’re like me and you don’t ever wear t-shirts, choose 1 or 2 to take with you because they might be useful, but not more. If you only wear t-shirts, take 12. Rolled up they don’t take up any space.

🧥 Now, if you’re like me and you wear blouses/tops all the time, then take 10 of these. Your favourites one only! If you haven’t worn that one in a month or two or since last year, do NOT put it in your bag!

👖 Trousers or jeans, I took 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of loose pants.

👗 Skirts or dresses, if you love them, take them. I only took 2 dresses with me and I deeply regret it because I only used 1 of the dresses once! I’d always take 1 with me just in case I have a fancier meal planned but that’s it.

👙 Two bikinis or swimsuits are enough. You wear one, the other dries, and so on.

👟 Shoes. My biggest frenemy. 1 pair of flip-flops is enough. 1 pair of flat sandals is enough. 1 pair of trainers is enough. So, total is 3 pairs of shoes. I took 4, heels. Do not regret it one single bit!

🧦 Underwear/socks: I always take half of the amount of days I’ll be gone. This time, I only took 12 pants, 3 pairs of socks and 2 bras. You can wash your undies anywhere really, so do just that. No need to take up space with underwear. Save it for your souvenirs!

💄 For beauty/hygienic products: We travelled to different countries and cities and I didn’t bother carrying around with me moisturiser or make-up remover. You can these for pretty cheap almost anywhere, so I bought them when I needed them. Foundation, mascara, eyebrow gel, 2 lipsticks and a blusher/bronzer/highlighter palette were all I took. The bronzer worked as my eyeshadow if I felt fancy.


**Winter edition**

Instead of t-shirts, buy 2 or 3 good polar shirts that you can easily fit under a jumper/sweater. You can wash these as you go and if it’s warmer, you can remove your jumper, if it’s cold, you keep both. Easy.

Ditch the shorts and swimwear, and take with you 4/5 pairs of jeans or trousers and a winter dress.

Scarves! 2 or 3 scarves because they’ll totally change your look everyday, keep you warm and they don’t take up much space.

Footwear: obviously, trainers are comfy to explore. I’d add a pair of boots and be done with it.

And that’s it! Less is more. You just need to be smart about what you take. Choose neutrals and you’ll have endless combinations. And don’t forget that a complete outfit will already be your travelling outfit, which means you’ll have even more space in your bag for souvenirs! I also recommend a backpack instead of a suitcase. Backpacks just accommodate so much more and if you’re travelling low-cost, airlines almost always let you keep it as a cabin bag.



Post photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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