Preparing Oneself for the National Novel Writing Month ✒️

What an exciting post to be sharing with you guys today! And what a freaking scary thing to be doing! I’ve decided that this year I’ll be joining the National Novel Writing Month. Basically, I’ll be writing (and sharing with you) 50,000 words in one month. Check out the website for more info if this sounds interesting to you.


This is my first time ever doing this so I’m not the best person to ask for advice. However, I’m trying to think of ways to prepare myself for this long-writing month. One of the tips NaNoWriMo gave us was to write every day for a week for 70 minutes. Or 700 words per day. Or even just 100 words every day. I think this helps with creating a habit of writing. Just writing. But from 100 to 1667 words is a long, long way and if you can write 100 words in 10 minutes, you’ll need to allocate almost 3h per day just to writing. I don’t think this is possible in most people’s lives…


Am I quitting already? Dear, no! I hope not, at least. 😂 That’s why this is also a challenge. It won’t be easy and I already anticipate many days gone without a word being added to my total amount. However, I think this challenge will help me mostly with being afraid of writing. I’ve had these great ideas in my head for years and I’ve always been too scared of sharing them with the world. Well, I’m doing it this November.


It helps me mentally knowing that November is my birthday month. I feel like this is some sort of magical thing, showing me I definitely need to do this. I’ve been trying to think more often of what I want to write about and in what ways, but to be honest, it’s been rather difficult. I don’t usually plan my texts and stories. I just write them. Usually a main, strong, powerful sentence comes to mind and I build worlds around it. And a few pages/words later, I have a short story. Or a long post. November will definitely be a challenge on this too.

In terms of prep, these are the things I’ve recently done (and hope will help me go through this):

♐ I’ve bought tons of tea and coffee to keep me hydrated and cosy when writing.

♐ I’ve been reading lots to get inspired by other’s stories and plot twists.

♐ I have pens and notebooks in every room of my apartment so I can write something down as soon as an idea crosses my mind.

♐ I’ve obviously been writing my own posts and will continue to do so during November + I’ve been ghost writing for some websites and companies, which has helped me with ideas and concepts for my own story.

♐ I’ve told friends and family so they can support me when I feel like quitting (which will happen, I promise).

And these are it for now. I hope these might help some of you (and me!) and if you now feel like joining us in this wild ride, please let me know in the comments and we can be writing buddies! Until next time…







Feature photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

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