Quick! Book your next flight to Budapest! Here’s why… ✈️

Hi! Welcome back! Today we’re flying off to Budapest! I’ve been dreaming of visiting Budapest for so many years that I decided I should convince you (and me) why it’s a great country to visit! Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a country in Eastern Europe. One of the reasons why you should consider Budapest is because it’s very cheap to get there around this time. I checked a few flights from different countries to Budapest in the next 4 months, and they were all rather affordable.

But there are many more reasons for visiting Budapest, here’s some:

I’m not going to bore you with the common “you need to visit the Parliament and the city park”, of course you should visit those! But I think I have found some interesting, some quirky places you must see when in Budapest. Number 1…

The Buda Castle Hill Funicular!


I mean, how amazing are these views? And this one in particular is one of the oldest in the world! Imagine going up with the sunset… incredible!

The Central Market Hall

Photo from here

Any market is a must in my travels and my reasoning is because we love organic fruits and local food! I think one of the best places to try out any typical food is usually at these markets. This one in Budapest is also too cute, so it’s a must for me!

The Széchenyi Thermal Baths


Of course this is also a must! I’ve heard and read amazing things about the Széchenyi Thermal Baths and this place is the largest bath centre in Europe, so why wouldn’t you want to visit? Even if you’re going just for a relaxing day, I say it’ll blow your mind.

A Budapest Folklore Show and Danube Dinner Cruise


I would definitely do this one! I saw this advertised on Tripadvisor, and it convinced me! They promised a 1.5-hour show and a late night dinner cruise. You’ll get to experience culture and see their beautiful landmarks from the boat. And the price, for me, is completely worth the experience.

The Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel

Photo found here

How cool would it be to have the city at your feet? I’m terrified of heights but I think I would brush that feeling aside and ride this ferris wheel because those views, man! It looks insane. I would maybe do it at night for it to be even more magical.

The Szabo Ervin Library


This library is actually hidden inside a modern one. How could this get even more magical!? This is so cosy, and look at those armchairs! I want to live here; it’s official, I’m moving to Budapest.

The Vajdahunyad Castle


I don’t think this one needs any words. Just look at this picture… It sends you right into a fairytale.

And if food is what fuels your travels, here are two places that will definitely make you sigh:

The Szimpla Kert Pub


Apparently, it’s very common in Budapest to create a quirky, unique place from a forsaken, sad building. They called them ruin pubs. This is just one of them, I’d say the most famous one but you can find many others across the city.

The New York Café

Photo from the lovely The traveling foodie!

Look at how majestic this is! Wow! I can’t imagine (and don’t want to) the price of a coffee in here, but wouldn’t you feel royal? If you want to pretend to be Meghan Markle for the day, you can do so right from Budapest.

And if you’ve haven’t hit your step goals for the day, why not have a walk around Buda hills? They’re supposed to be amazing and you’ll get a little rest and quiet from the busy city life. And these are my reasons of why you should be buying your ticket to Budapest now! Well, if I haven’t convinced you, I have definitely convinced myself and I can’t wait to see all these beautiful things with my own eyes.






Feature photo by Candré Mandawe on Unsplash


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