How to Style Knee High Boots πŸ‘’

Hi, gals and pals! The cold has knocked on our doors and has invited himself over. I think he’s here to stay. But that’s a great excuse to get your knee-high books out of the closet and use them!

How, you may ask?

Here’s my top 5 of how to style knee-high boots:


A simple yet trendy outfit. On top of jeans, a nice, warm jumper and an oversized bag to match the boots. I love it!


With a skirt. This is probably one of my favourite looks. I love this suede looking skirt and matching it with this long pair of boots, showing just a little bit of skin, to me, is perfect. I also really like this brown mixed in with black.


With a dress always goes well. Pinafore dresses are super on trend at the moment too, so when you match both of these items, you get a killer outfit!


For a more put together look, a tighter skirt does the job. Before we had an A-line shape, which makes the outfit a little more casual. The pattern on this skirt is also common this season and very flattering.


And the 5th outfit, which I really truly love is this one. A simple, black dress, and again the boots end a few inches below the hem of the dress. What I think makes this outfit great is the jacket. It adds a layer that is important in winter for obvious reasons, but also brings the items together.

Do you own a pair of knee-high boots? If not, would you like to own one? What colour? Some photos are from Fashion Dioxide and Pretty DesignsΒ so go give their websites a proper look too.


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