The Puffer Jacket Trend: How to Style It

Hi! I’ve been trying to throw myself into this fashion wagon, but I don’t think I’m cool enough for it. So I’ve decided to share my favourite outfits with a puffer jacket so we all get ideas on how to style it! You’ll see different colours, a mix between chic and casual and skinny jeans, mom jeans, formal checked trousers, and more!

Have a look!

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A cosy jumper, trainers and straight jeans is all you need! This beige jacket is also great.

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I love this grungy look! All black would be my number one go-to! It looks somewhat chic but still casual.

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Ripped skinny jeans with an accent colour on your jacket is also a must this winter! I also love how short the jacket is.

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This is definitely my favourite outfit from the 5. It’s so chic, yet the puffer jacket makes it cool too! And red is the colour to have in your wardrobe at the moment! So one red puffer jacket and you’re a fashionista!

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And the last one, mom jeans paired up with an army green jacket. The best of two worlds!



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