Blogmas Day 2: ‘Twas a house-warming/birthday party

Hi, y’all! Yesterday night we threw a house-warming/ my birthday party for a few friends. And let me tell you something: when you turn 25, a hangover lasts all day. This is my insight for you. This is how I feel now that I’m 25.

Seriously though, it was a great party. Many great friends stopped by and celebrated with us. I got beautiful, heart-warming presents and we had a good time. I didn’t even drink that much, but nowadays with type 1, alcohol just feels different in my body and I get tipsy with a pint of beer. I’ll share some (rather poorly taken) photos with you now. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Mine will be spent with some family and in bed later today.










Photo by Sarah Vombrack on Unsplash

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