Blogmas Day 3: A rainy one

Hey, everyone! Today was raining all day, unfortunately. And I’m truly exhausted now. I’ve even changed the times of these posts because I had chosen 4pm as the posting time, but it’s nearly impossible for me to write them and post them before 8pm. So, they’re gonna come a little later than my usual time, but it’s blogmas, so I hope you understand.

Nothing really exciting happened today; I worked pretty much all day. Except in the evening, when I got a very exciting delivery. I got myself an armchair to go with my new dressing table. I also got us new cute lamps for the bedside tables and a gorgeous, elegant bar cart sort of thing for our dining room, and where I intend on putting our alcohol and a few other bits and pieces. I’m really looking forward to getting in bed tonight and read. I didn’t read much last month, so I’m planning on catching up this last month. I’ve just started a new book recommended by Reese Witherspoon’s book club, and it’s lovely so far! I’ll share my thoughts once I’m done.

Have a lovely night and I’ll see you tomorrow.





Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash

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