Blogmas Day 6: Under the mistletoe

Hi, guys! 18 days left for Christmas, can you believe it? I’m more and more excited and keep dreaming about spending the holidays with my family. I haven’t told you yet, but my family is coming here to visit me and they’ll meet L’s family for the first time ever. Exciting! And scary! It feels like a big step but at the same time, it feels extremely natural. It’s not as if we’re still figuring out our place in the relationship and with our families. I see his family as my own and love them as my own blood. But, big things anyway!

Today I’d like to discuss Christmas traditions/customs. The mistletoe is a big one, which I have no clue of how it started but it always amuses me when watching Christmas films.

I also love advent calendars and even though people usually have chocolate advent calendars, this year, we bought a beer one! It’s from Saveur Biere and it’s awesome – more on this in January.

Baking! I mean, I don’t even like baking, but at this time of the year, you just feel like it, don’t you? French have this very specific tradition of baking cookies in December and you basically eat them throughout the month. They’re pretty tasty too, to be honest!

Mulled wine. I don’t particularly love this one, but it is pretty common around here and many people do. I think now it’s become a tradition in my head and I wouldn’t want to walk around a Christmas market and not smell it.

A galete des Rois – I just LOVE this one! It’s a ‘king’s cake’, the most common one being made of puff pastry and frangipane. When you eat it, one person will find a small figure in their slice and they’ll be crowned the ‘king’ (there’s usually a paper crown which is sold with the cake).

What traditions do you love and why? What is something you miss from your own country if you live abroad like I do?





Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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