Blogmas Day 9: A Biscuits Baking Day

Hi, everyone! It is finally Sunday, one of the best days of the week! Today we woke up at L’s parents and started baking traditional French biscuits at 8am. I found it an interesting, yet long task. It was my first year baking them but I think it’s a lovely tradition and I’m sure I’ll keep it in the coming years.

We also put up more Christmas decorations at our home in the evening when we got back and now, it feels like we are truly celebrating Christmas! It’s been amazing to realise the growth we’ve both been through the years. We started off in a teeny-tiny apartment in the outskirts of Paris without any Christmas decorations. The second year we bought a few little things; the third year we bought an actual Christmas tree and decorations and this year we finally have decorations all around the apartment and lights to make it feel homey. It makes it even more special.

How was your Sunday? And what is the next week bringing you?





Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

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