Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Table Art

Hey-hello! How are you guys doing today? I usually love Mondays because they get me a little more proactive, but I have to say that the last few weeks have been nothing of the sort. I blame this weather. No, I’m not turning into a Frenchie and complain all the time, but I’ve always detested this grey-gloomy-depressing kind of weather. I need to see the sun.

Today has been somewhat productive though! I forced myself out of bed this morning and worked all morning. I had a few projects a bit behind, so I tackled those first. I got to relax some too because in the evening we had to get even more furniture for the apartment, which is lovely but at the same time, we’ve been seriously doing too much on week days. Anyway, I got to some thinking today and I’d love to decorate our table for Christmas. We’re not doing it in our home but I think I could get a centrepiece or a few bit and bobs to around the table to make it look more festive. What do you think?

I’ve collected a few photos from Pinterest and I’m definitely loving red this year. I especially love the second one! So natural and with the white kitchen, it just looks beyond perfect! Do you have any ideas for table art?







Photo by Du Wei on Unsplash

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