2019: New Year, New Goals, let’s kick it!

Hi! Happy New Year, everyone! πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ† I hope 2019 has started with a bang for all of you – the good kind! Ours started in Lapland, Finland, one of the most beautiful (and cold) places I’ve ever been. It was a great holiday spent with great people. Today I thought I should share with some wishes/goals I have for 2019. I always do this every year; I reflect on what I learnt in the previous year and then I aim for something better and to continue doing the same. I usually set myself 12 objectives or things I really want to do/try and I focus on them throughout the year.

I don’t yet have 12 wishes/goals for 2019, but I’m close so I’m sharing this incomplete list with you:

  1. Get my A1C to 6.0% & get my morning BG to a normal range – I have dawn phenomenon and last February (when I got my FreeStyle Libre) I realised this so now I want to do something about it, even though my A1C is at 6.3%, which is bad at all and my doctor even keeps telling me I need to increase it. I want to lower it though because I believe it’ll be better in the long term.
  2. Create a solid plan for my school.
  3. Buy an apartment. – because we really want to and started looking into it at the end of 2018.
  4. Get more paid writing gigs. – I got the chance of writing for a few websites and companies and I really hope to continue with many more this year.
  5. Start my 1st novel – at least, start!
  6. Read 50 books – more on this on a later post.
  7. Plan monthly challenges related to money, health, food, etc – I started this last year and loved it!
  8. Save some € every month. – no explanations needed, right!?
  9. Become a fiancΓ©e – cheesy, sure, but I do want it and I think 2019’s the perfect year for it 😁

And usually I have 12 by now, but I haven’t quite figured what else I’d like. It’ll come, I’m sure… What about you? Do you have any personal objectives this year? Anything you’d like to accomplish or just really really want to happen in your life?


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