My 2019 Bullet Journal: January & February

Hi, everyone! How are you today? I’m afraid I got sick and today has been really difficult for me. I’m hoping it’s not the flu, but I wouldn’t be able to say at the moment. Otherwise, on a good note, I’m here today to show you my Bullet Journal! I’m really excited about this one cos last year was the first time I created one, so I feel that this year, this version will be better!

January is almost over, so I decided to show you what I did for January but also for February. My #weeklyspread worked out so great for me that I just recreated it for February, so they’re almost exactly the same. Last year I tried out lots of different things when designing each month but once I found one that suited my schedule and was also aesthetically pleasing, I tried sticking to that one. Sorry if I’m boring!

So here’s my #bujo:





Feature photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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