Valentine’s Day: Staying In Ideas

Hi, guys! It is finally February! January can suck it, we’ve turned the page and are in a fresh new chapter. And February means many things: a shorter month that will hopefully fly by and the hope for warmer days, but also, Valentine’s Day. Of course. If you didn’t know this yet, Valentine’s Day is coming and for the romantic ones, I’ve prepared a full two weeks worth of ideas and moments you can share with your loved one. Now, it’s important to say that I actually don’t really celebrate Valentine’s. I find it a little over the top and all the hearts and teddy bears make me wanna puke. However, I do appreciate some “me time” and some lovely cosy moments. Today, for example, I’m going to tell you how you can spend a beautiful, intimate time just by staying in. A hygge kind of Valentine’s, so to speak.

Here’s how:

Cosy up in your couch!

Yes, it could be this simple. If you have fairy lights, put them up or around your couch, grab some blankets and just chill together. Sometimes, it’s all you’ll need to feel loved and have the best time with your bae.

Go for an evening walk!

Or if you want to start the day right, go for an early morning walk. There aren’t many things better than the crisp early morning when not many are up yet. I love these walks and would love to go for one.

Play some music and dance together

Cheesy? Out of a Nicolas Cage book? Probably! But how nice is it to just hug your loved one and spend a few minutes dancing around your living room? Put on some romatic country and you’re on!

Run a nice hot bath, it’s SPA time!

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub, use it! Run a bubbly, hot bath and spend some time together. Maybe with a nice, chill bottle of wine on the side. And you can go further and scrub yourselves and put on a facial mask. It’s SPA time!

Cook together

A simple one yet so enjoyable. You can both prepare something delicious and spend time together in the evening because you’re probably working or at school, so! And then, you can cosy up in your couch and when finished eating, play some music and dance together! You can do all of the previous points, actually.

What do you think of these ideas? Too hygge for you? Too cheesy? Let me know in the comments below! And come back tomorrow, cos I’m giving you dinner recipes that are under 30min!


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