Valentine’s Day: Dinner ideas to cook under 30min

Hello! Now that we’ve entered the Valentine’s rollercoaster, I want to share with you a few lovely recipes I found and loved, and they will only take you 30min or less to cook! Each link to the recipe can be found under the photo.

Let’s dig in!


This is a lovely Prawn Risotto that will make your mouth water even while it’s cooking! The cute little pot adds something special to dinner but you can obviously skip that part. Recipe from My Kitchen Love here


How yummy does this salad look? I LOVE tomatoes and mozarella together! They’re such a fresh, easy side dish that we make quite often in our home! Recipe here


Wow! A heavier dinner – which might be needed, if you know what I mean – and wouldya look at this beautiful, juicy steak! Recipe from Fab Food 4 All here


You can’t have Valentine’s dinner without a dessert, right? So here’s this simple and easy on the eyes recipe. I love the strawberries, it makes it a bit more fun in this cold weather. Recipe from Making Life Blissful here


If you fancy something sweeter or for a late-night snack, why not try this sugary drink? And it will only take you 2 minutes! Which leaves tons of time for other kind of fun! Recipe from Somewhat Simple here

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Feature photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

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