Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Him

Hi, everyone! I had some technical issues on this post before, but I’m reposting it again! I thought it would be cool (and probably useful) to create a list of gifts for him. Well, they’re quite a bit gender-neutral but another list of gifts for her is coming up soon, so come back for that!

Here’s the list:


You can find it here. A beard kit! Because it might not be the most creative gift, but it is important and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!


You can find it here. A lava lamp is one of the coolest things I remember from when I was younger, so you might enjoy it too – is that cheating?


You can find it here. There’s nothing better than a man wearing a watch. Make it a large, sturdy one, and I’ll be over the moon. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t be that easy, but I truly love seeing a man wearing a watch!


You can find it here. A scratch bucket list: 100 movies edition! This is another gift that I would totally get for myself! I think it’s brilliant!


You can find it here. A leather loop keyring that you can personalize. It’s something little but very cute.


You can find it here. This is my favourite one from this list, by far! This is a Song Sound Wave Print! How cool is that!? The best part is you can choose your favourite song. It’s on my wishlist for sure!


You can find it here. If he/she loves beer, then this beer bucket list might be just the present! There are tons of beer experiences to be enjoyed.


You can find it here. Maybe this smart charger is the way to his heart? I think it’s pretty cool and looks nice, so win/win!

What others gifts have you given before? And what gifts were your favourites?



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