Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday I created a little list on gifts for him, so today this is my list for her! Obviously, there are many gifts that are not gender-oriented, therefore I’ll be reusing some of the items from yesterday’s list, because personally, I’d love to receive them myself! Ready?

Let’s go!


Why not get her something she’ll love and actually use? I’ve been in love with this bag and carry it with me everywhere! It’s easy and cute and the red really brings out Valentine’s vibes! You can get this amazing bag from here! It ships really fast too!


DVDs are always a good option in my opinion. There are some shows or films I’d always love to have with me, so I really think this could be a great gift. Buy this one here.


Books, because what else!? Give me a book and I’ll be the happiest! Give me a Colleen Hoover book and I’ll love you forever! 😁 Or you can go for any other book, obviously. If you don’t know which one to get, buy a gift card from Amazon or your local bookshop. Buy this book here.


I saw this and I had to include it! I mean, flowers are great and beautiful but they die after a few days. So this beautiful cherry tree is the perfect gift! Buy it here!


These adorable slippers! I mean, who wouldn’t love these? You have more options, but buy this unicorn pair here.


I love tea, so this tea set would be a great gift for me! If your S.O. also loves tea, get this one! Get it from Amazon!


Make-up is always a good option, but what could you get them that they don’t already have? It’s always a hard choice, so make-up brushes are never enough and need to be replaced every couple of years. Buy this set here.


Your favourite song as a sound wave on a print? Yes, please! Get it from Etsy.


Or this amazing leather keyring that you can personalise. Get these from this seller.


100 movies bucket list so you can track everything you’ve watched? Sounds like the perfect gift, right? Get it here!


Or a beer bucket list book! Because if she loves beer like I do, she’d looove this one! Buy it here.


And this is one of my favourites for sure. A night sky map that you can personalise and get specific dates and places! I love it. It’s the PERFECT Valentine’s gift! Get it here.

And if you’ve got no more time because you left this for last minute, check out a few easy & quick DIYs here. If you also don’t know what to wear or you want a sexy lingerie, check my options here!




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