A Menstrual Cup Experiment: My Story & Thoughts

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve decided to discuss my experience and thoughts about menstrual cups. I’ll be obviously sharing my personal experience with just one brand, and everyone’s different so my story is for anyone considering getting a cup and reading reviews and other women’s stories first, just like I did before getting my own.

Let’s get started then!

I bought my cup a few years ago but never got around using it. I was having a few health problems at the time, so I didn’t really know what I was allowed to do or not, and to be honest, didn’t really want anything going inside me… This was all before discovering Type 1 (you can read my story here, if you feel like it). Fast forward to last year and I had finally decided I should use it. Funnily enough, I needed to start using it cos I get very sensitive and itchy when using pads. And so, enters the cup! *quite literally, too!*

The brand I got it from is OrganiCup. It was the one available at the time and I had not many others to compare it to. Nowadays, we have plenty of choice. I’ve even seen new models with ring-shaped stems, which probably helps quite a bit. You’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup or Moon Cup as those are the most popular options.


This is my Organicup! It’s pretty basic. It has the normal stem and is the smaller size, it holds 25ml. With it, I got myself a cleaning gel for in between uses and wipes, if I ever have to clean outside. I bought the Lunacopine brand ones and they’re lovely!


So, now, onto my experience!

I’ve had for a few months now and every month has been easier and easier. The first month, I didn’t use for the 3/4 days of the duration of my period because I couldn’t always put it in. The folding technique takes a little while to master and obviously, it takes even longer to put it. I can’t even remember how I was trying to put it at first, but then I realised I should just try to put it in the same position I used to put in my tampons. That worked great for me!

Then, to remove it, I’ve never really had a problem with that. My brand says you should use your muscles to push it lower and then just grip it and pull it. And this is what I do and never had a problem with it. The thing that has happened is that sometimes it moves slightly too far up and I have issues with reaching it. I’ve read that you cannot insert it too high because it’ll cause leaks and removal will be more difficult, so this is where I’m probably going wrong. There are quite a few things that are very different from putting a tampon, so make sure you read your guide and do a little research beforehand.

After the first cycle, I got used to it and could never go back. Honestly, it becomes really easy and you see so many benefits from using it that the thought of having to buy tampons or pads just bores me to death! I do still use a pantyliner when I’m out and about just so I feel more comfortable. I don’t use them every day though.

Some tips/advice I’ve heard from other people and friends but don’t personally need to do myself:

Cut your stem to make it smaller and comfortable for you.

Try to insert your cup before your period so you get the hang of it before you truly need it. (I tried this and it was awful because there wasn’t any natural lubricant)

For removal, insert a finger up to the rim to “un-vacuum” the cup and pull it easily.

Practice Kegels to strengthen or loosen your muscles for an easier time with the cup usage.

What about your experience? Have you ever tried a menstrual cup or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below!




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