Zodiac Series: The Sagittarius 💖

Hi! I got inspired to do this by Shaaanxo (check out her channel if you don’t know her, she’s lovely!) and because I’m all round obsessed with the Zodiac. I always feel like I must know what sign a person is to get a better picture of how they are. It’s not as extreme as it probably sounds, but I do enjoy a good horoscope chat. Obviously, I’m biased with this one because I am a Sag, but I’m only going to post things I truly identify with. It’ll be a mix of my own personal facts and thoughts and things/photos I found online that I believe describe me and other Sags to a t! For the other signs, I’ll be asking for help from my lovely friends and family to confirm the facts I gather on them. I’m not entirely sure that I have friends from all different signs, but I’ll give it a go anyway!

Ready to find out more about me…?

Overall personality traits & quotes that are oh-so-me!

I had to laugh at this first quote by Trixie Mattel because I’ve been saying this for years. I love being in a relationship and I can be extra romantic, but please, I need my alone time. Do not suffocate me or boy, bye!


And this describes it perfectly!


Now, I’m sure you’ll know a Sagittarius or two and maybe you’ll describe them as a ton of fun. The life of the party! Well, it is true, at to a point. This next quote is so real to me personally that I felt slightly better that maybe it’s just that I’m a Sag and not weird when I feel so up and down sometimes. I’m definitely the life of a party, when I’m in the mood! 😁tumblr_ox05vqEQ501r3vcx5o1_500tumblr_mm5awzHsIX1r3vcx5o1_500

The Good & The Bad:

Now, I wouldn’t say this is 100% representative of who I am and how I am, but it’s pretty darn close! I’m not so sure about being spontaneous, for example, because I do love perfect organisation and planning. I’ve been known to be spontaneous at times, but this is definitely not a word I’d use to describe myself. I’d say that the bad things are quite accurate, like “if in a bad mood, stay far away” or “gets offended easily and remembers the offence forever”, not great traits for sure, but I can relate! I’ll let you enjoy the rest:


Photo found on Brittany Stager’s website.


Ok, this was a difficult one. I didn’t quite find photos that would do me justice. I’m not in love with the first look but I get why it’s being used to describe a Sag. I definitely love the girly-girl looks sometimes and red is totally one of my favourite colours to wear. I also love the shoes and the make-up, simple but evident. And the overall look is casual but put together, which is something I always aim for. Now, if you scroll down to the second outfit option…


It made me laugh. I’m literally the one above or the one below. It’s either grungy and all black or flowery and cute with me. I’m actually quite in love with this look here. I would pass on the boots and backpack but everything else is dying to be in my closet! I guess that I needed to choose these two photos because let’s face it, us Sags are either a 0 or 100 when it comes to dressing up.


Lucky stone:

So, apparently, we have two. Yellow sapphire and Turquoise. The first one, I kind of hate. The Turquoise, I love! I don’t love the yellow, because I find it tacky, but I understand that this is supposed to bring you good luck. Maybe I should get them both and make a cute little necklace or ring?


Make-up look:

I just had to choose this video from Shaaanxo because she’s the whole inspiration for this series here. I wouldn’t normally go for something this bold, but I love this teal-blue colour she’s used as eyeshadow. I love the lips and the glitter in the crease. Overall, I think it’s a beautiful make-up look that I wouldn’t personally wear but I’m sure many Sagittarius would love.

Nail polish:

This one was easy. I actually love these colours and have used them 4 in the past. I love purple and deep purple is one of my favourite colours when it comes to things I wear. The glittery black at the end is also perfection! I love black and had a teenager phase where I only wore black nail polish – but who hasn’t, right!? Photo from here.



Not much to say about this one. I feel that I love these colours and they bring me a sense of peace, but if I had to choose them myself, I wouldn’t probably end up with this colour scheme. I do have to say though that when looking at the other signs’ colour palettes, I love this one the most. So, maybe this one is also accurate? Photo from here (see also the other palettes!)


So, in conclusion, here’s a little summary about us Sagittarians from this website:

“Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac system and is a fire sign ruled by the religious and pure planet, Jupiter. Persons with this zodiac sign tend to be more enthusiastic, pure in motive, desirous and ambitious of great goals and achievements. Generally, they are straightforward people, outspoken and frank in nature. They are gifted with the talent of writing, speaking skill and powerful in projecting themselves. Sagittarians usually argue with their kinsmen, but otherwise generous, faithful and artistic. Short temper is one of their downsides, but they are quick to forgive and forget. A zodiac sign that personifies strength, enthusiasm and nobility.”

What do you think about this new series? I have to confess I’m loving it so far! Come back next week for Aquarius!


Feature photo from Astrostyle. Please don’t sue me, I just really love these photos 😁

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