Zodiac Series: The Capricorn ♑

Hi, guys! Welcome back to another Zodiac post. This one is about Capricorns. I have quite a few Capricorn friends actually and a couple of family members too, one of them being my dad. Therefore, I find this post to be extremely interesting but also really fun to write. I hope I’ll do you all justice and that you love it as much as I do!

Without further ado, here we go!

Overall personality traits & quotes that are oh-so-Capricorns!


The Good & The Bad:



I really agree with these outfits for Capricorns! I totally see my best friend wearing this first one and all the options of the second one too. She’s very elegant and sophisticated but always brings a simple touch to her outfits. It’s all very simple-chic. “I didn’t try very hard but I look stunning” kind of vibes!

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Photos from here and here.

Lucky stone:

I found this one really interesting! And you can find a little more about it here.


Make-up look:

Omg, I actually really love this make-up look, Shan! I totally see some of my friends wearing this bold, berry-red-lip look! Do you love it? Do you think it’s you?

Nail polish:

I love these colours for Capricorns – I really think they’d love all of these!




What do you think? Do you know any Capricorns? Are these descriptions completely right about them? Let me know in the comments below!











Feature photo from Astrostyle. Please don’t sue me, I just really love these photos 😁

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