My sucky March reading challenge| Goodreads Challenge

Heya, everyone! Happy Monday! If you’re not having a good day, let this be a reminder that you’re beautiful and bright and tomorrow’s really close!

Because I haven’t posted much about my reading challenge lately, I decided it was time I gave you guys an update on how terrible it’s been for the last two months. Even now, as I write this, we’re mid-April and it’s still going terrible. I haven’t been reading at all and I feel like I hit a little reader’s block, where I can’t seem to finish one single book. I start them and even thoroughly enjoy most of them but just can’t seem to finish them.

So, as you’ve probably realised, it was a very sucky month because I didn’t truly read. I mean, I ended up reading 3 books, which I guess is alright, but I feel as if I read zero. Nada. I read all in the first week (one of them just the last chapters as I had started it long before March), but basically, throughout the month, I didn’t read at all. I feel so weird without my books and reading habits. My mind travels to places it shouldn’t and I feel more stressed and panicky. Obviously, if I would read more, this would probably go away but it’s a cycle and because I feel stressed, I can’t seem to sit still and just read.

These are the books I read 📖📖📖


I obviously loved A Tale of Two Cities, even though I already knew the story. The other two were just meh. Not bad, but not great neither. I think maybe I just need really good books to get into it again. Who knows!? 🤷🤷🤷

And what did you read in March? What are you currently reading? Let me know down below in the comments! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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