Easter Dos & Donts: A Guide (to having FUN)

Heya, guys! Welcome back! And welcome to a lovely guide on what to do and not do for Easter! Cos it’s Easter timmmmmmmmmmmmmme! *finally*


So, I thought it would be funny to create this list of Do’s and Dont’s, but don’t take this seriously, it’s really just for fun. You do whatever you wanna do if you celebrate Easter! 👌

Easter Egg Hunt!

I mean, is it really Easter if there’s not an Egg Hunt!? I think these are fun even for adults! It’s super easy to prepare too because you just need chocolate eggs. And hide them well 😄😄

Easter Playlist if you’re hosting!

You can obviously put together your own playlist and make it personal. There are a few options online on YouTube or Spotify, though. If you want a playlist for kids, try this one. I mean, it’s just adorable and it’ll keep the little ones entertained for a while! If you’re throwing a little get together with family or friends, this is one I quite enjoy or this one!

Easter Table Art

Just check out Pinterest! When in doubt, that’s where I go! It’s easy and full of inspiration for your simple table art or luxurious one. Here’s some of my favourites:

Original photo here
Original photo here
Original photo here

DON’T buy a huge amount of cr*p

Well, this one is difficult for me. I love getting my decor on and I always end up going crazy at the store and buy way too much. (But is there even such a thing as too much!?) The things is, you don’t need to buy tons. Make it simple and you can always use things you already own. And this way, you’re eco-friendly too!

DON’T eat too much chocolate

But if you do… eat this one! Or this one from Lindt. I know it’s not very Easter-like, but I think they’re amazing and you’ll enjoy them for sure! And you won’t need to feel guilty afterwards.

What other things do you think are a must? I know that for me, decor is the most important thing! I just love when everything is pastel and pretty.



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