Did You Know Amazon Have Its Own Brand!? *Must Buy!*

Heya! How are you? New week, new opportunities to do something amazing! This week has started with a long, long weekend coming to an end but I’ve had lots of fun. I truly felt like I was on holiday and the weather has been amazing! Today, I want to share with you something I found out only two weeks ago. And yes, it’s exactly what the title says…

O-M-G! Amazon have its own brand!

Did ya know!? Cos I didn’t! I only found out about it when I was scrolling through their articles, as one does when one is bored. I can’t quite say yet if their products are cheaper than if you go to your regular supermarket, and I can’t say anything about quality because I haven’t tried it myself, but I love the idea. I’ll share here some of their products:

This whole thing started because of these bars actually:


I was looking for some good protein bars because I find them so helpful when I feel like having a snack in the afternoon and my BGs are at 120+ (so I never want to increase them by eating) and I found these ones. They’re very cheap and they sound delicious. I have yet to try them but will keep you posted!

Then, I found toilet tissue. Which I’m still debating whether it’s cheap or not. But here it is.


They also have coffee beans.71tw3NXcj5L._SL1500_

And laundry capsules:71oG0NzvbQL._SL1500_

Even baby wipes!91F123QmfwL._SL1500_

And razors91PcPrYzuhL._SL1500_

Almonds, anyone? I actually find these not that expensive and wanna try them!91Op77OJpsL._SL1500_

BBQ sauce?? They also carry Mayo, Ketchup and Mustard… and most likely, other sauces too.71Wsz0HI7zL._SL1500_

And even cat food. I mean, they have everything.81Elk9JhiTL._SL1500_

I mean, I actually really love Amazon and I don’t know why but this makes food shopping a ton more exciting to me! Would you consider buying from Amazon? Maybe not everything but certain items? Let me know in the comments below!


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