What I read… | September 2019

Reading should be a part of everyone’s life. They take you from this world and transport you to whatever’s happening in their pages, and they’re never too tired for just one more page or word. When life gets hard, anyone can escape it and become a new person. You just have to read…

And this is the reason why I read. I can’t always cope with what’s around me, so I run away, not far from home, but from my world. Just for a few minutes, or a few hours every day or once a week… And I can carry life around a lot better.

So, in September, I read quite a bit. I finally finished Rival by Penelope Douglas, I read Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward, The Day He Came Back also by Penelope Ward and Getting Schooled by Ali Parker. I also almost finished Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow, but towards the end, I didn’t feel like picking it up as much. Do you see a trend here? 🤔

Let’s see what October has in stock for us… I’m praying for more tattooed book boyfriends! Isn’t everyone!?

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