My Goals for 2019: What I’ve Accomplished so Far

Every beginning of the year I set myself up with a few easy, long and short-term goals for the year ahead. Sometimes, they go really well. Sometimes, they don’t.

This is a post on what goals I’ve accomplished so far… less than 3 months for the year to end!

These were my initial goals for 2019 (read more about them here):

  • Get my A1C to 6.0% & get my morning BG to a normal range.
  • Create a solid plan for my school.
  • Buy an apartment.
  • Get more paid writing gigs.
  • Start my 1st novel
  • Read 50 books.
  • Plan monthly challenges related to money, health, food, etc.
  • Save some € every month.
  • Become a fiancée.

There were 9 of them, even though I usually go for 12, but I just couldn’t think of any others and to be honest, I felt like these were it for me this year. Doable and not over the top.

So the real question now is… how many have I ticked off my list?

Clearly, a few of these are still in progress – read 50 books, plan monthly challenges, save €€€ every month… But the others are done! Well, with the exception of becoming a fiancée… but this one’s not up to me, now, isn’t it? I’m so excited that this year has been this “productive” and I’m quite sure I’m going to also tick off reading 50 books, the challenges and money saving, but these have been going quite well so far.

What were your goals/objectives for this year? Do you remember to check your list every once in a while for an update of how you’re doing?

Chat away!