How My Goodreads Challenge is Going… 3 months left!

We’re mid-October and I don’t know where the time has gone. I know everyone says this, but I truly don’t understand what I’ve done in 2019. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting patiently for the excitement 2019 would bring and now, here we are. 2019 almost over and 2020 making its appearance.

With that said, it’s time to go over our challenge/objectives of the year. One of mine was to read 50 books. I had started 2018 with the intention of reading 25 books and ended up reading over 40, so I thought that I would surpass myself this year and make it to 50.

As of now, I have finished 37 books. Out of 50. There are 10 weeks left in 2019 – 11 if you still count this current one. Now, you might be thinking, you’ll never get it done!, but I have to say you’re wrong – I hope you are, anyway. You see, I have a little 3-day holiday trip coming up and this one will be all about hiking, being outdoors and drinking coffee/hot chocolate with a book; I’m also going to Guatemala for 2 weeks in November, so I’ll need a few books to keep me company at least on the flights; and to top all that, I’ll be in the hospital for a full week so I might need some company too!

I have to say that I’m feeling pretty confident right about now, and I might even tempt to say I’ll reading over 50 books this year… What do you reckon? Should we all place our bets now?

Chat away!