My Autumn Favourites 2019

Can we all scream in 3, 2, 1… My favourite season’s here! šŸ‚šŸ‚šŸ‚

Autumn is my absolute favourite season – it’s the time of crunchy leaves, warm boots, cardigans, beanies, big coats, a couple extra kilos, coffee all day every day, … ah it is the season! No, not Christmas, Autumn! (I do love Christmas too, though!)

So, today, I decided to share with you my autumn favourites. There’s quite a few, so grab a cuppa and let’s enjoy this together!

In no particular order:

Teddy coats are in but to me, the best thing about this one is that it’s on the shorter side and doesn’t look as bulky as others do. For me, that’s what I need, so I love it!

I’m enjoying being outside more nowadays and truly feel the need of going out from time to time so this type of jacket is great – it’s a wind-breakers but also waterproof (should be anyways) and with our trip to Guatemala coming soon, I’ll definitely take it with me.

I love a good pair of military-style boots! These just happen to be cheap and look great!

Don’t go for a basic looking jumper! These criss-cross ones are so popular right now, and I love them too – I mean, what’s not to love? They’re so cute!

I have many pairs of boots but what’s one more, right?? I find these boots just so chic!

Puzzles – because what’s better than a cosy night with your loved one playing games, drinking wine, chilling? We love it! We’re currently making this 1000-piece one – it’s taking its sweet time!

You just wanna be comfy at home and slippers are important – these ones have a hard sole and the softest inside. Perfect!

I LOVE this one – White Tea, Tropical White by Kusmi Tea. It’s the best, even in Autumn.

Coconut is great at any time and Yankee Candles are the best.

This IKEA vanilla ice-cream candle is to die for! Not a true autumnal feel to it, but I just love it!

Shithead card game – we love it!

Coffee latte or cappuccino with latte art on top

A good latte or cappuccino, always! Every day.

A warm blanket and a good book – just any book will do.

What are you autumn favourites? What other things make you feel cosy and warm this season?

Chat away!