Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? Finally, the weekend has arrived! Since I started working, I have a special love for weekends and cherish them as much as I can! Do you have any plans for this weekend? Today I’ll be talking about Tanya Burr Cosmetics! I am so excited to be writing about thisContinue reading “Tanya Burr Cosmetics”

A short story: Part 2

Lovely people, part 2 is here! If you haven’t read part 1, go ahead and read it first here. Enjoy! 2. He woke up the next day feeling rejuvenated. He looked to his left, but no sign of her. His mind stretched to fully wake up, and he realised he was back at his parents.Continue reading “A short story: Part 2”

Scoring in 2017

Hello, lovies! How are you today? I’m sorry I missed my Friday post, but I’ve been under the weather since last week and just couldn’t bring myself to write something on Friday. I am still unwell, but I wanted to say hello to all of you and to show my 2017’s resolutions. It is aContinue reading “Scoring in 2017”

One Thousand Names | Book Series

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? Today, I’m going to talk about something that is very dear to me and I’ve wanted to create this kind of content since day one. The name of the website was also inspired on it. I’m going to write about books! I love reading and I love talking aboutContinue reading “One Thousand Names | Book Series”

New Year’s Eve!

Hi, catreaders! First post of 2 0 1 7 and I’m feeling very positive and cosy! How was your New Year’s eve? What did you do and whom did you spend it with? I spent my first time ever eve abroad and without my family. It was definitely a different experience, but my in-laws areContinue reading “New Year’s Eve!”

Declutter(ing) my life

Hey, catreaders! How are you today? I had a very good day today: one, it’s Friday, so it’s the last day of work, two, it’s literally my last day of work of 2016. And oh man, I can’t express how much I need to flush 2016 down the toilet. It was a tough tough year.Continue reading “Declutter(ing) my life”

A week to rebalance yourself

Hello, lovies! How are you today? Did you like my last post? Today, I’m going to talk about feeling good and well on the inside after the holidays. Often, I eat a lot and not the best foods during the holidays. There are way too many temptations and tons of chocolate – and I canContinue reading “A week to rebalance yourself”

A short story: Part 1

Hello, catreaders! How was your Christmas? What gifts did you get? Tell me everything! Today, I bring you something personal. I say personal because it’s my first time sharing with you a fiction story of my own. It’s a short story and I’ve decided to give it a try and share it here to seeContinue reading “A short story: Part 1”

Last minute DIY Christmas gift!

(Almost) merry christmas, everyone! How did you spend this beautiful day? Does anyone have snow in their city? Oh, I wish I had! People say here is colder and it snows during Christmas, but I have seen none yet! I wish I could say *I smell snow*. While not having snow, I bring you theContinue reading “Last minute DIY Christmas gift!”

How to travel on a Budget: London Edition

Hi there! I’m sorry I’ve been offline for a few days, but I had a trip planned for a few months and I decided I wouldn’t want to rush any posts just for the sake of writing. So I come a few days later, but I come bearing gifts! I just spent a few daysContinue reading “How to travel on a Budget: London Edition”