Brownielicious in a mug!

Hello, lovies! Today I’m bringing you something completely new to the website. A recipe! (Are you as excited as I am?) I love cooking and baking and trying new things. But I love quick and tasty things even more! The only thing I’ll be willing to wait a few hours for is my dad’s roasts.Continue reading “Brownielicious in a mug!”


The countdown for Christmas Eve and New Year’s has started and you still don’t have a clue of what you’ll be wearing? Today, I bring you some inspo! I’ve been fiddling around some websites so that I could put together some ideas or inspiration for everyone. And I have suggestions that suit all budgets! I’llContinue reading “Catressing!”

14 promises

Today’s a special day. Every 14 of every month I feel the most grateful. Almost 36 months ago I met a few people that would completely change my life. Almost 36 months ago my soul was broken, and I can’t say it’s fixed now, but I can say these people took their time and effortContinue reading “14 promises”

‘Tis Christmas! (soon)

‘Tis the holiday season! “Joy to the world, The Lord is come” In this magic season, I always struggle with what presents to offer everyone – whom to offer something, what and how much should you spend on one’s gift! These questions haunt me since early November all the way through January – yes, becauseContinue reading “‘Tis Christmas! (soon)”

Principium II

Oh, so here we go. I’ve finally decided to join the thousands of soul searchers, adventure drinkers and poets in the dark. Now, I don’t and could n.e.v.e.r catalog myself as one of these, but I do like talking. I like talking way too much – just ask my boyfriend! To soothe his pain ofContinue reading “Principium II”