Periods and hormones | Diabet’Series

Hi, girlies! And boys? Monday’s here are synonym of Diabet’Series, a fun simple way for me to educate anyone who’d like to know more about diabetes (type 1 mostly because they work differently and I cannot speak for someone with type 2). Today I really wanted to discuss with you my time of the month,Continue reading “Periods and hormones | Diabet’Series”

3 months testing | Diabet’Series

Hi friends! Another Monday, another Diabet’Series! I hope these have been helping you understand this disease a little better. And hopefully help you be a little more comprehensive when you meet someone with diabetes and not just just to the conclusion they eat lots of sweets and pastries. In today’s post, I want to talkContinue reading “3 months testing | Diabet’Series”

Treating hypoglycaemias! | Diabet’Series

Hi, everyone! How are you? It’s a new Monday, a new week! I actually love Mondays! It’s the beginning of something, you know? Just like everyone loves the new year when it first comes around! Can you believe October is almost gone? How is it possible that the weeks are just flying by! I can’tContinue reading “Treating hypoglycaemias! | Diabet’Series”

Explaining IT to your family & friends | Diabet’Series

Hello, lovelies! How did your week start? Here on areadingcat, it’s another week, another Diabet’Series. Today, I want to discuss when and how to explain you have diabetes to your family and friends. I hope I can help some of you understand this might not be an easy task for everyone and what I’ve learntContinue reading “Explaining IT to your family & friends | Diabet’Series”

I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and not wake up | Diabet’Series

Hi friends! So, this is not a fun topic to write about. However, I feel like I always need to be honest about what I’m feeling, so that all my readers and close friends really understand what this thing is and how it can make us feel. Imagine yourself having your dinner at 7 o’clock.Continue reading “I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and not wake up | Diabet’Series”