What I read… | October 2019

Hi! Another month gone, another “What I read”, this time, in October. October was a strange month. I got into a little slump and couldn’t really pick up any book. I tried reading a couple but never finished them – I think I will at some point as I hate not finishing a book, butContinue reading “What I read… | October 2019”

My Favourite Book of 2019 (so far)

Hello! Another month gone, and my birthday month is on! Such exciting things happening in November. I’m going to Guatemala in a week and my birthday’s later this month – how more festive can it get?? But today I’m not here to ask you for gifts, I’m here to discuss my favourite book of 2019!Continue reading “My Favourite Book of 2019 (so far)”

My Autumn Favourites 2019

Can we all scream in 3, 2, 1… My favourite season’s here! 🍂🍂🍂 Autumn is my absolute favourite season – it’s the time of crunchy leaves, warm boots, cardigans, beanies, big coats, a couple extra kilos, coffee all day every day, … ah it is the season! No, not Christmas, Autumn! (I do love ChristmasContinue reading “My Autumn Favourites 2019”

How I Stay Organised – Hour-Blocks Daily Schedule

It’s very difficult to stay organised when you work from home; it doesn’t happen only to you, it’s a common occurrence to us all. I try to stay on top of my game so that I don’t feel overwhelmed, but even so, I always manage to have a week or two in the month whereContinue reading “How I Stay Organised – Hour-Blocks Daily Schedule”

How My Goodreads Challenge is Going… 3 months left!

We’re mid-October and I don’t know where the time has gone. I know everyone says this, but I truly don’t understand what I’ve done in 2019. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting patiently for the excitement 2019 would bring and now, here we are. 2019 almost over and 2020 making its appearance. WithContinue reading “How My Goodreads Challenge is Going… 3 months left!”

My Goals for 2019: What I’ve Accomplished so Far

Every beginning of the year I set myself up with a few easy, long and short-term goals for the year ahead. Sometimes, they go really well. Sometimes, they don’t. This is a post on what goals I’ve accomplished so far… less than 3 months for the year to end! These were my initial goals forContinue reading “My Goals for 2019: What I’ve Accomplished so Far”

A Diabetes Update: Omnipod!

The BEST invention (so far) in the Diabetes world! Well, to me, anyways. The Omnipod is the easiest insulin pump I’ve found so far and I can’t wait to get it in December! If you’re in the UK or Europe, you know you have to go through a week of training at the hospital toContinue reading “A Diabetes Update: Omnipod!”

What I read… | September 2019

Reading should be a part of everyone’s life. They take you from this world and transport you to whatever’s happening in their pages, and they’re never too tired for just one more page or word. When life gets hard, anyone can escape it and become a new person. You just have to read… And thisContinue reading “What I read… | September 2019”

A Life Update: Q&A

Hi guys! Welcome back! Or should I welcome myself back? It’s been a while… a very long while. I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of life changes and I just haven’t been feeling like updating this blog. It’s even hard to know exactly what to say now because I don’t know if I’ll takeContinue reading “A Life Update: Q&A”