My Favourite Coffees&Teas

Hello! I feel like Spring has run home and left us all in this cold, miserable weather! It’s cold, it’s raining, I mean, we just cannot have a break these days! And that is why I decided it’s time to talk about coffee & tea! Because, what’s the best time to have either of theseContinue reading “My Favourite Coffees&Teas”

What’s in my bag

Hi, loves! So, today I decided to bring you something very different for me and something I love reading about and watching on YouTube, so I wanted to try it myself! And it’s – as you may have seen in the title – what’s in my bag! I do apologize for the mess and ifContinue reading “What’s in my bag”

Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles

Hi, loves! How are you doing today? I’m super psyched that Easter is coming and we’re halfway through this week! The weather’s great too! What else could we ask for? Clothes! And looks for Easter day, right? So, that’s what I’m bringing you today! A few items that I chose from different brands (one perContinue reading “Easter Beauty | Outfits, Make-up & Hairstyles”

April Goals

Hi, beauties! How are you today? How’s your beautiful weekend going? Mine is going very well and the weather is helping, once more! To kick start this month the best way possible, I decided I should write down my goals which I intend to accomplish during April. They’re the following: Get to know my beautifulContinue reading “April Goals”

Organisation tips!

Hello, lovelies! Happy Spring, everyone! It has finally arrived, even if here it doesn’t look like it! How are you these days? I have to give you my deepest apologies for not being active these last few weeks! I have been crazy busy with moving to another city and had a trip back to PortugalContinue reading “Organisation tips!”


The countdown for Christmas Eve and New Year’s has started and you still don’t have a clue of what you’ll be wearing? Today, I bring you some inspo! I’ve been fiddling around some websites so that I could put together some ideas or inspiration for everyone. And I have suggestions that suit all budgets! I’llContinue reading “Catressing!”

‘Tis Christmas! (soon)

‘Tis the holiday season! “Joy to the world, The Lord is come” In this magic season, I always struggle with what presents to offer everyone – whom to offer something, what and how much should you spend on one’s gift! These questions haunt me since early November all the way through January – yes, becauseContinue reading “‘Tis Christmas! (soon)”