Wordless Wednesdays: Wisdom

Wordless Wednesday: Anti-Procrastinating

Wordless Wednesday: Winnie The Pooh

Wordless Wednesday: This Be The Verse

I finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng yesterday and this poem was part of it. It caught my attention basically.

Did You Know Amazon Have Its Own Brand!? *Must Buy!*

Heya! How are you? New week, new opportunities to do something amazing! This week has started with a long, long weekend coming to an end but I’ve had lots of fun. I truly felt like I was on holiday and the weather has been amazing! Today, I want to share with you something I foundContinue reading “Did You Know Amazon Have Its Own Brand!? *Must Buy!*”

Easter Mini Eggs Cheesecake: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This One!

Heya, Easter’s finally coming up, which means you’re allowed to eat ALL the chocolate you truly want! And to make things easier for you, Jane at Jane’s Patisserie has given us all the pleasure of making this mouth-watering cheesecake! I mean, it looks heaven-sent! If you don’t know Jane yet, please do check out herContinue reading “Easter Mini Eggs Cheesecake: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This One!”

Wordless Wednesday: In Your 20s

Photo from this lovely post.

Easter Dos & Donts: A Guide (to having FUN)

Heya, guys! Welcome back! And welcome to a lovely guide on what to do and not do for Easter! Cos it’s Easter timmmmmmmmmmmmmme! *finally* So, I thought it would be funny to create this list of Do’s and Dont’s, but don’t take this seriously, it’s really just for fun. You do whatever you wanna doContinue reading “Easter Dos & Donts: A Guide (to having FUN)”

My sucky March reading challenge| Goodreads Challenge

Heya, everyone! Happy Monday! If you’re not having a good day, let this be a reminder that you’re beautiful and bright and tomorrow’s really close! Because I haven’t posted much about my reading challenge lately, I decided it was time I gave you guys an update on how terrible it’s been for the last twoContinue reading “My sucky March reading challenge| Goodreads Challenge”

Zodiac Series: The Virgo ♍

Hi guys! This one was truly fun to research and write about! I love Virgos! Technically, I shouldn’t because we’re not that compatible, but I have to say I have tons of Virgo friends and I’ve had many relationships with Virgos too. So, I think that means something. Also, obviously, my beautiful L is aContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Virgo ♍”