Wordless Wednesday: Just a Reminder

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Zodiac Series: The Capricorn ♑

Hi, guys! Welcome back to another Zodiac post. This one is about Capricorns. I have quite a few Capricorn friends actually and a couple of family members too, one of them being my dad. Therefore, I find this post to be extremely interesting but also really fun to write. I hope I’ll do you allContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Capricorn ♑”

Wordless Wednesday: Meaningless Friendships

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Zodiac Series: The Aquarius ♒

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to this Zodiac Series! If you haven’t already, check my first post of this series, the Sagittarius, here. I started off by writing about myself and today it’s Aquarius turn. And I know a few lovely Aquarius and one just happens to be my sister (slash best friend!) so let’s getContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Aquarius ♒”

Wordless Wednesday: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Wordless Wednesday: Motivation

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Zodiac Series: The Sagittarius 💖

Hi! I got inspired to do this by Shaaanxo (check out her channel if you don’t know her, she’s lovely!) and because I’m all round obsessed with the Zodiac. I always feel like I must know what sign a person is to get a better picture of how they are. It’s not as extreme asContinue reading “Zodiac Series: The Sagittarius 💖”

Goodreads Challenge: February 2019

Hi! How are you guys? Can you believe it’s finally March? It really feels like February didn’t even happen. I looked over my should and whoosh, it was gone! Not complaining though, March is one of my favourite months! And because I love doing these, I’m sharing with you today what I read in February.Continue reading “Goodreads Challenge: February 2019”

A Menstrual Cup Experiment: My Story & Thoughts

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve decided to discuss my experience and thoughts about menstrual cups. I’ll be obviously sharing my personal experience with just one brand, and everyone’s different so my story is for anyone considering getting a cup and reading reviews and other women’s stories first, just like I did before getting my own. Let’sContinue reading “A Menstrual Cup Experiment: My Story & Thoughts”

I’m utterly obsessed with Penelope Douglas!

Hi, everyone! Welcome back 🙂 I just had to tell you about my latest obsession: Penelope Douglas! I fell in love when I first read “Birthday Girl”; funnily enough, I had it in my wish list on Amazon for the longest time but I just had the idea that this book was a thriller oneContinue reading “I’m utterly obsessed with Penelope Douglas!”