Artistic Licence by Katie Fford πŸ“–

Hi, friends! I have another book review for you today. This one is about the book Artistic Licence by Katie Fford. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever read any book of Katie’s and what you thought about it! Let’s look at the summary from Goodreads: “Single, thirty-something Thea traded her promising careerContinue reading “Artistic Licence by Katie Fford πŸ“–”

My #TBR pile πŸ“š πŸ“š πŸ“š

Hi, everyone! How are you doing? The weekend has FINALLY arrived! What plans do you have? I have a very exciting market tomorrow to sell a few bits and bobs we no longer use/need. I hope it won’t rain! The weather’s been a bit fussy lately. Sunny and rainy and sunny and rainy. I doContinue reading “My #TBR pile πŸ“š πŸ“š πŸ“š”

Goodreads Challenge – May Edition 😍

Hi, everyone! I’m back (again!) and I have a full month of freshly baked posts to share with you! I’ve finally got my sh*t together and I’m back to 5 posts a week (or more 😱)! I’ll start off the month with my Goodreads challenge, of course! This post has become monthly here on myContinue reading “Goodreads Challenge – May Edition 😍”

All of This is True by Lydia Day PeΓ±aflor – ARC Tour

Hello, catreaders! How are you? Another week has started and this one is extremely special for us here on A Reading Cat. Obviously because it’s another book review post and this one is the first ever from its kind! I’ll explain all about it but first of all, I really need to thank an amazingContinue reading “All of This is True by Lydia Day PeΓ±aflor – ARC Tour”

Goodreads Challenge – April Edition

🌺🌺🌺 April’s here! Well, April’s ended! But I’m talking about my April’s Goodreads Challenge! And it was a good month, I have to say! I read some amazing books this month that made me very happy and gave me some me time. They were what I like to call easy-reads because they are simple, funnyContinue reading “Goodreads Challenge – April Edition”

It Ends with Us | Book Review

Hi, friends! I’m back with another book review! And today, I bring you It Ends with Us. This was honestly one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read so far and I sobbed like a baby, hoping for a lovely happy ending. The book is quite unpredictable for some part, which I LOVED! I tendContinue reading “It Ends with Us | Book Review”

Extraordinary Means | Book Review

Hello, friends! I am very happy to share this book with you today! I read Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider at the beginning of March and I finished it incredibly fast! There might be some spoilers in this post, so please make sure you’ve read the book before you read this (however, I will warnContinue reading “Extraordinary Means | Book Review”

My Goodreads Challenge – March update 😎

Hello! Welcome back to another update on my Goodreads Challenge for 2018! I’m very happy to write this one because February wasn’t the best month reading wise! You can read about it here if you’d like! But March was really good and I’m happy with how much I read, especially because I read tough booksContinue reading “My Goodreads Challenge – March update 😎”

My Goodreads Challenge – February Edition

Hi, everyone! I am definitely back this time! I have been quite busy with many other things in my life and decided to put the blog on hold for a few days. But we’re in a new month, Spring is almost here and I’m excited to do a little wrap-up of my goodreads challenge soContinue reading “My Goodreads Challenge – February Edition”

My Goodreads Challenge so far… πŸ™„πŸ™„

Hi! How are you doing on this cold, cold Thursday? I only discovered Goodreads last year but I’ve been loving it every since! They have a yearly challenge called Goodreads Challenge and if I’m not mistaken it is only possible to do it by yourself and not against others, for example. So, we choose aContinue reading “My Goodreads Challenge so far… πŸ™„πŸ™„”