My flight essentials!

Hi there, travellers! This might be what you’re looking for! Or if you’re not planning a trip and you don’t plan on flying soon, you might be interested in knowing what I love to pack and take with me on board! Either way, welcome! I hope you’ll find this little list interesting and maybe evenContinue reading “My flight essentials!”

Visiting Colmar! and Eguisheim!

Hello, friends! In my Travelling Cats series today, I want to share some beautifully picturesque photos I took in Colmar and a little town called Eguisheim! This was a getaway weekend for me and L, and I would love to share some of the things we did and saw while there! We stayed at Eguisheim,Continue reading “Visiting Colmar! and Eguisheim!”

Discovering Warszawa! | POLAND

Hello, friends! Today I’m very happy to share with you some photos I took when in Warsaw, Poland! We visited some very cool places and I really wish I could name them all but I really can’t remember! This was back in 2015. Of course we had the best guide ever, one of my bestContinue reading “Discovering Warszawa! | POLAND”

Bastille Day

Hello, beauties! How are you doing today? Tomorrow is the weekend! And luckily for me, today is a bank holiday here in France! It’s Bastille Day and today french go to the streets and watch parades, eat out and watch the fireworks, of course. Yesterday, we had a little pre-Bastille Day and here’s some photosContinue reading “Bastille Day”

Celebrating S.João in Porto!

Hello, friends! I am bringing you my favourite celebration of all time! It’s S. João! This celebration has to do with celebrating the Saints, which is a must in Portugal. This one in particular is held in Porto, my home town, and it is the happiest, more colourful and beautiful celebration you’ll ever see. ThisContinue reading “Celebrating S.João in Porto!”

The Hidden Secrets of Venice

Hey, guys! So I was in Venice this week and of course I had tons of fun and the city is beautifully colourful and peaceful – yes, even with the thousands of tourists! I really enjoyed the days we spent there and today I’m going to talk about a start-up called Localguddy, which is aContinue reading “The Hidden Secrets of Venice”

A very nice weekend!

Hi, everyone! How are you today? I decided I’d like to share some photos of my lovely weekend! I spent it with some friends, as I’d told you before and we decided to show them around in our new city, plus a few castles and smaller towns close by! Check out the pictures and enjoy!Continue reading “A very nice weekend!”

Packing to go on holiday!

Hi, everyone! How are you doing today? It is warm, warm, warm in here! What about in your countries? I decided to write about this topic today because I do have to pack to go to Venice very soon! So, I thought this would be – possibly – a helpful post for others, now thatContinue reading “Packing to go on holiday!”

Let’s grab coffee in Porto!

Hi, beauties! Today’s THE day! I am finally talking about the greatest, the most beautiful, the most enchanting, the most charming, the most loveable, the BEST, you know it, the city of Porto! Why did it take me so long to write about it, you ask? Well, I have to confess, I wanted it toContinue reading “Let’s grab coffee in Porto!”

How I Book Cheap Flights | Travel

Hi, beauties! How are you feeling today? This weather has been terrible around here and I really miss the sun and warmth and tanned skin! So today I’ll talk about how I prepare a trip. I’ll be talking about the flights, specifically, but if you want me to, in the next few posts I canContinue reading “How I Book Cheap Flights | Travel”