Learning a new language | How to

Hello, catreaders! How are you feeling today? I’m so glad it’s the weekend already! We have tickets to watch La La Land tomorrow evening and I can’t wait to see what’s the fuss all about! I’ll share my thoughts with you next week. But today let’s talk about what to do to start learning aContinue reading “Learning a new language | How to”

Scoring in 2017

Hello, lovies! How are you today? I’m sorry I missed my Friday post, but I’ve been under the weather since last week and just couldn’t bring myself to write something on Friday. I am still unwell, but I wanted to say hello to all of you and to show my 2017’s resolutions. It is aContinue reading “Scoring in 2017”

One Thousand Names | Book Series

Hi, catreaders! How are you today? Today, I’m going to talk about something that is very dear to me and I’ve wanted to create this kind of content since day one. The name of the website was also inspired on it. I’m going to write about books! I love reading and I love talking aboutContinue reading “One Thousand Names | Book Series”