Happy Birthday, Dad!

Parabéns, pai! Que tenhas um dia extremamente feliz com tudo do melhor. E embora não esteja aí ao teu lado, estou sempre na mesma. Espero que tenhas gostado das prendas! E vemo-nos daqui a pouco tempo. * It’s my dad’s birthday today and I couldn’t not wish him a happy birthday here on my blog. He’sContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

A whole year of A Reading Cat!

Hi, readers! I haven’t been present for the last few days, just as I predicted in one of my recent posts. I wish I’d have more time to come here and talk with you but work has been really difficult. I’m just hoping it’ll get better soon and I’ll manage everything a whole lot betterContinue reading “A whole year of A Reading Cat!”