Too Good To Go – App Review

Hi! How are you doing? I feel like the sun wants to finally come back to us and enrich our dull days! I cannot deal with the weather right now. It’s sunny and rainy and sunny and stormy and cloudy and sunny again. It’s freaking May. The sun should be coming out every single damnContinue reading “Too Good To Go – App Review”

Calm, the app you NEED! Pt 2

Hi, loves! How are you today? It’s almost the weekend, so let’s relax! And here in France, Friday is a public holiday, so HOORAY! Also, it’s a LOT cooler so it’s actually possible to breathe and work! And relax! Today, as promised, I’m bringing you some extra information on the app Calm that I toldContinue reading “Calm, the app you NEED! Pt 2”

Calm, the app you NEED!

Hi, friends! I ended up not posting yesterday because I had completely forgotten I was going to the doctor, and I didn’t have time to finish writing this post! However, I was very excited to share this app with you so I decided I would write about it today! I found out about this app,Continue reading “Calm, the app you NEED!”