Goodreads Challenge: April 2019

Heya, welcome back! If you’ve been reading about my Goodreads Challenge this year, you probably know I’ve been stuck. It’s as if I have writer’s block, but in this case, I just have reader’s block. Whenever I pick up a new book, I can’t read more than half a page. A page, max. My mindContinue reading “Goodreads Challenge: April 2019”

My goals for April!

Hi, everyone! How was your Easter weekend? I loved having 4 days off. It was very invigorating and I’m definitely ready to go back to work! It helps that the weather seems to be getting better and better, I admit. And my Easter weekend was full of food and family and chocolate. I guess justContinue reading “My goals for April!”

April Goals

Hi, beauties! How are you today? How’s your beautiful weekend going? Mine is going very well and the weather is helping, once more! To kick start this month the best way possible, I decided I should write down my goals which I intend to accomplish during April. They’re the following: Get to know my beautifulContinue reading “April Goals”