#Barcelona, what we did 🏖️🏖️

Hi! Welcome back. 🙂 I’m very excited about sharing this post with you guys because I’ve been waiting to post it for an entire month! Scratch that: I’ve been too lazy to put it up here on the blog, but today’s the day! I’ll be sharing with you cool things we did in Barcelona andContinue reading “#Barcelona, what we did 🏖️🏖️”

Desenio! The best wall art!

Hi, friends! I’ve been meaning to talk about Desenio for a while now because I’ve been obsessing over their prints for a long time! I see YouTubers and bloggers all raving about them so I really wanted to join the party! 😎 I’m going to share with you the prints I got from them someContinue reading “Desenio! The best wall art!”

Inkbox – The Semi-Permanent Tattoos you need!

Hi, girlies! Welcome back! I’m so stocked to talk about this! I’ve been waiting for way too long to write this post! I’ve been trying Inkbox for the last few weeks and I ONLY have great things to say about these tattoos! Let’s start with first things first. When you buy a kit, this isContinue reading “Inkbox – The Semi-Permanent Tattoos you need!”

Easter | Decorations & Postcards

Hi, loves! Today I’m bringing you a little bit of Easter! I love Easter, it’s such a happy time with my family and it’s Spring and just overall so cheerful! So, I just love it! And thinking about doing cute things for Easter is also exciting for me! Therefore, I decided to show you myContinue reading “Easter | Decorations & Postcards”