Preparing Oneself for the National Novel Writing Month ✒️

What an exciting post to be sharing with you guys today! And what a freaking scary thing to be doing! I’ve decided that this year I’ll be joining the National Novel Writing Month. Basically, I’ll be writing (and sharing with you) 50,000 words in one month. Check out the website for more info if thisContinue reading “Preparing Oneself for the National Novel Writing Month ✒️”

Goodreads Challenge – May Edition 😍

Hi, everyone! I’m back (again!) and I have a full month of freshly baked posts to share with you! I’ve finally got my sh*t together and I’m back to 5 posts a week (or more 😱)! I’ll start off the month with my Goodreads challenge, of course! This post has become monthly here on myContinue reading “Goodreads Challenge – May Edition 😍”

A short story: Part 2

Lovely people, part 2 is here! If you haven’t read part 1, go ahead and read it first here. Enjoy! 2. He woke up the next day feeling rejuvenated. He looked to his left, but no sign of her. His mind stretched to fully wake up, and he realised he was back at his parents.Continue reading “A short story: Part 2”